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F1015 - The totals of pupils by ethnicity and pupils by religion are different


F1015 error message is displayed when the total number of pupils when grouped by year group, gender and Catholicity is different to the total number of pupils when grouped by ethnicity.

An error in the calculation of pupil totals has been addressed in the consolidated patch 24579. Applying the patch will remove this error in most cases. You should also apply filesets 1101 and 1102.

If F1015 is still appearing even after applying the consolidated patch, go to panel 7 (pupil ethnicity) and press the recalculate button. If any changes to pupil numbers have taken place in SIMS after the Calculate All Details button was pressed, they will not be reflected in the ethnicity totals until the panel is recalculated.

If the F1015 error is still appearing, even after trying the steps above, you will need to generate the student detail report and look for the cause of the discrepancy at pupil level. For example, if a new pupil hasn't been given a year group they will not be counted in the totals of pupils by year group and gender.

If none of the steps above have resolved the issue, raise a support ticket containing as much detail as possible about the error. For instance you should state the total pupils in both categories.

Please DO NOT attach your student detail report to your ticket as this will constitute a breach of GDPR.

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