F1015 - The totals of pupils by ethnicity and pupils by religion are different

F1015 error message is displayed when the total number of pupils when grouped by year group, gender and Catholicity is different to the total number of pupils when grouped by ethnicity.

The first thing to check is whether there is actually a discrepancy in the pupil totals. Open the summary report and compare the total number of pupils when counted by their year group, gender and Catholicity (questions  52 – 119) with the total number when counted by their ethnicity (questions 138 – 149). If the two totals are the same then you can ignore the F1015 error and authorise your census.

If there is a discrepancy, go to panel 7 (pupil ethnicity) and press the recalculate button. If any changes to pupil numbers have taken place in SIMS after the Calculate All Details button was pressed, they will not be reflected in the ethnicity totals until the panel is recalculated. This may remove the error in which case you can authorise the census.

If recalculating the pupil ethnicity totals doesn’t remove the discrepancy, you will need to generate the student detail report and look for the cause of the discrepancy at pupil level. For example, if a new pupil hasn't been given a year group they will not be counted in the totals of pupils by year group and gender. Also, the pupil ethnicity totals sometimes include dual-registered pupils where the school is the subsidiary school.

Finally, if there is a discrepancy that can’t be resolved, please authorise and submit your census. Additionally, please raise a helpdesk support ticket at http://cescensus.org.uk/helpdesk and state the correct total pupils on roll on census day. We will then amend your file when it is received.

Please DO NOT attach your student detail report to your ticket as this will constitute a breach of GDPR.