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This area can easily be misunderstood by schools, as the governments have changed the rules in recent years and the codes displayed for the pupil are mapped to those used for returns.  The mapped codes are known as categories and are under the control of government, i.e. DFE or Welsh Government.  We provide a set of codes that are the same as the official categories, but users can create their own codes, as long as they map them to an official category.  ‘N’ is a special category, as it means that the pupil hasn’t got a Special Educational Need.  ‘S – Statement’ isn’t used in England anymore, but for our purposes this is equivalent to ‘E - Education, Health and Care Plan’.

To make matters a bit more confusing, what we call ‘SEN Status’ is also known as ‘SEN Provision’.

Official SEN Status categories for England

•E - Education, Health and Care Plan

•K - SEN Support

•N - No Special Educational Need

Official SEN Status categories for Wales

•S - Statement

•P - School Action Plus

•A - School Action

•N - No Special Educational Need

So assuming the school is State School in England, the simple answer to the school’s question is that the SEN status of ‘O’ should be included in the CES Census total for ‘SEN without statement’ if it has been mapped to the official category of ‘K – SEN Support’.  The school can check their mappings via SEN Status via Tools | Lookups | Maintain.

Unfortunately, the position is actually a more complicated than I have described (e.g. history assigned codes is also involved), so if this doesn’t satisfy the school they will need to contact their SIMS helpdesk.

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