Bulk Updates

Bulk update can be used to assign religion and ethnicity to multiple students.

Follow the route Routines | Pupil (or Student) | Bulk Update

The screenshot below shows the bulk update panel used for assigning religion to pupils. Note the options in the drop-down menus:

  • Student population, Group Type: Home Religion
  • Student population, Group: None
  • Student population, Effective Date: a date before the Census date
  • Update Data Item, Data Item: Home Religion
  • Update Data Item, Effective Date: a date before the Census date

Click on the search icon. A list of all students with no religion assigned will be displayed. Assign the correct religion by clicking in the appropriate box next to their name. When all students have been updated, click on Save.

For detailed information on bulk update, please refer to the Managing Pupil/Students in SIMS .net handbook:

  1. In SIMS, click on the Documentation icon at the top of the screen. The SIMS Documentation Centre panel will be displayed
  2. Click on Handbooks
  3. In the Handbooks panel, click on Maintaining Pupil/Student Information
  4. Click on Managing Pupil/Students in SIMS
  5. Scroll down to the section: Updating Pupil / Student Information in Bulk

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