Completing the CES Census

Once all the preparation has been completed, it is time to fill in the panels designed to capture the remaining data that relates specifically to the CES Census. This is done by completing eleven panels:

  1. Census Details
  2. School Information
  3. Teaching Staff Qualification
  4. Leadership Group
  5. Teaching Staff Ethnicity
  6. RE Teaching
  7. Pupil Ethnicity
  8. Pupil Withdrawals
  9. Pupils FSM/FSM Ever 6
  10. School Uniform
  11. Headcount of Staff Religion

There is no restriction on the number of Census returns that can be completed, although only one may be submitted. CAPITA strongly suggest doing a 'dry run' before completing the final return. This enables errors and omissions in the set up procedure to be identified and corrected in advance of the Census date.


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