Matching the CES Census Lookups

The CES Census derives a lot of information from SIMS data that has been entered into SIMS using lookup tables (drop down menus).

Some of the lookup table options must be matched to CES categories so that the data is extracted correctly.

The Lookup tables which need matching for the CES Census are:

For staff:

  • Catholic Religion
  • Traveller of Irish / Gypsy / Roma Heritage Ethnicity

For Pupils:

  • Catholic Religion

The route to matching the lookup tables is:

Tools | Statutory Return Tools | Update CES Census Lookups

To match Catholic to the look up tables, follow the route shown above; this will bring you to the screen shown below.

The SIMS lookups will appear in the drop down menu at the right hand side of each category for which they refer.

If you click the down arrow next to Catholic Religion a drop down box appears. Move your cursor to Catholic (or Roman Catholic) and click on this choice. This will place Catholic in the Catholic Religion box.

Now move the cursor to the Traveller of Irish/Gypsy/Roma Heritage box and click on Traveller of Irish/Gypsy/Roma Heritage as shown below.

Continue this process for adding Catholic Pupils.

Click Save.


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