Overview - Filling in the panels

If the relevant information has been added to the SIMS system as part of normal updates, the panels will already contain some information derived from SIMS. Each panel shows the information SIMS has generated. You will only need to enter information in the blank spaces. If the SIMS system has not been updated, there will be more blank spaces to fill in.

Box colours

The boxes will be coloured bright yellow if the data is generated from SIMS. If the user edits the data then the box containing the edited data will change to pale yellow (as shown below).

If a panel is not generated by SIMS (eg Masters Degree in leadership of a Catholic School) then the box will be white and once the user has edited the box, the box will go pale yellow.

Calculate & Recalculate buttons

On Panel 2 (School Information) there is a Calculate All Details button. When the user clicks on this button, all the data that is generated from SIMS populates the relevant panels. If it is not already in the SIMS database, type the information into each of the blank spaces.

If the Calculate all Details button is selected after any editing has taken place then this will recalculate all panels and any editing will be lost.

The Recalculate buttons are on each window where data is generated from SIMS. The button relates only to the visible window and the panels within it.

The user can make amendments to the data obtained from SIMS. If the user edits the information, then the box will go pale yellow as already described above. If a box changes to red, this indicates that there is a conflict between the information already collected from SIMS and the information which is being added. It will not be possible to do anything further until the error has been corrected. The section at the bottom left of the screen will indicate the nature of the error.

If the user decides the information he or she has added is incorrect, then it can be removed by clicking the Recalculate button. The necessary information can be added to a field at this stage, but it will only transfer to the CES Census. It will not update the information held in the SIMS system. Therefore, it is advisable to add the information into the SIMS system in the appropriate area (eg adding staff information on qualifications in the Personnel module).

Hover-over help information

Several boxes will display help information when the mouse is moved over the box, as illustrated below.

More substantial help information will remain displayed until the mouse pointer is moved. It is also possible to change the font size. See below:


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