Census Questions

The material below reflects the format of the Excel spreadsheet. The CES/SIMS software will generate the same data. Click here for further details for each question.

A. Survey reference Date

1. Date for data used

B. School/College Characteristics

2. Name of school/college
3. Address 1
4. Address 2
5. Town
6. Postcode
7. Telephone number
8. Contact name
9. Contact email
a. School email address
b. Contact email address
10. Website
11. Head teacher/Principal
12. Diocesan code
13. Establishment number
14. Local authority
15. Unique reference number
16. Governance
17. Phase
18. Gender of entry
19. Gender of sixth form
20. Name of trustees (if not diocesan)

C. Teaching staff information

21. Number (headcount) of male staff with NPQH qualification
a. Catholic
b. Other
22. Number (headcount) of female staff with NPQH qualification
a. Catholic
b. Other
23. Number (headcount) of male staff undertaking NPQH qualification
a. Catholic
b. Other
24. Number (headcount) of female staff undertaking NPQH qualification
a. Catholic
b. Other
25. Number of vacancies in leadership group by role
a. Executive Head Teacher
b. Head Teacher
c. Deputy Head Teacher
d. Assistant Head Teacher
26. For each vacancy, please show duration in school terms.
27. Acting head teacher Catholic?
28. Ethnicity of head teacher
29. Number of executive head teachers
30. Number of head teachers
31. Number of deputy head teachers
32. Number of assistant head teachers
Total Teachers
33. Total Catholic teachers (headcount)
34. Total other teachers (headcount)
35. Number of staff who have CCRS
Teachers by ethnic group:
36. White British
37. White Irish
38. White Other
39. Traveller of Irish/Gypsy/Roma heritage
40. Mixed/Dual background
41. Asian/Asian British
42. Black/Black British
43. Chinese
44. Other ethnic group
45. Not known
RE Teaching in Schools and Colleges
46. Number of specialist qualified RE teachers
47. Total number of staff who teach RE
48. Number of staff whose teaching timetable comprises at least 50% RE teaching
49. Any RE classes taken by teaching assistants

D. Education Support Staff in Categories Listed in Guidance

50. Number (headcount) Catholic
51. Number (headcount) other

E. Number and characteristics of Pupils on Roll

52 - 119 Numbers of Catholic boys and girls, non-Catholic boys and girls, from Nursery to Y14

Number of non-Catholic pupils on roll by religion
120. Christian - Other
121. Buddhist
122. Hindu
123. Jewish
124. Muslim
125. Sikh
126. Other
127. None
128. Other
129. Missing

130. Number of pupils (if any) withdrawn from collective worship and / or RE
131. School uniform (yes/no)
132. If yes, uniform provides for requirements of other religions (eg Sikh)
133. Number of pupils on roll who are in care/looked after
134. Number of pupils who are taking up:
a. FSM (free school meals)
b. England only: FSM Ever 6 (pupils who have received free school meals within the previous 6 years)
135. Number of pupils with SEN without statement
136. Number of pupils with SEN with statement
137. Number of pupils (if any) withdrawn from SRE

Number of pupils on roll by ethnic group
138. White British
139. White Irish
140. White Other
141. Traveller of Irish/Gypsy/Roma heritage
142. Mixed/Dual Background
143. Asian/Asian British
144. Black/Black British
145. Chinese
146. Other ethnic group
147. Refused
148. Not known

149. Management Information System (MIS) that your school/college uses


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